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Another "Traction Control is ALWAYS enabled on PAD" Thread


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NickDahy said:
BossW said:
Well, there are purpose built racing pads as well like the Thrustmaster GPX pads, which I got specifically for F1 2013. I've had plenty of enjoyable, challenging races with it on last year's game with no assists except auto gears but this year, I feel like I'm being robbed somehow. ABS seems to be on when it shouldn't, hidden traction control takes away the challenge of the slow corners and the sluggish steering makes fast corners too slow. The whole thing just makes the game too easy.
No doubt, i have the same pad you have. And was really good in the last games but now is totally wrong in all terms.
Also the steering is totally ridiculous...the 45 degrees lock kill pad players in fast corners and change directions is way worst than ever. I start to play with a wheel and also have the traction problems. All inputs have tragic problems.
- Much less traction in wheels, wet crazy bug
- Ridiculous wheel lock angle in fast corners for pads, the car "don't want to turn"
- Traction 10x stronger in keyboards.
I do a comparative video in the last days and is noticeable all this things. Using Red Bull Ring, pad is much faster in sector 2 and the wheel is much faster in sector 3.

Nice videos Boss! 

This pretty much sums up all the inequalities if you ask me.  How can we even try to race competitively when there's this much difference?  Leaderboard times aren't going to mean anything.... league racing is going to be all over the place with inequality...

This is a racing game, where you'd think that even competitive gaming would be the #1 priority........

How do leagues deal with this?
No doubt, i agree with you. At the moment is really hard to do a mixed league. Too much problems to handle and more bugs to discover. A good fix is necessary.
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Austria & Spa are pretty much only tracks where you can somehow compete with wheel against pad (on dry weather) as those have mostly long sweeping medium/high speed corners where you se high gear so traction isnt limiting factor, so basicly you couldnt really choose worse track for comparison about the wheel vs pad :)

Did some more testing yesterday myself and on worst case tracks like hungary was easily 1s faster at qual & up to 2s at race with microsoft 360 controller against my t500rs wheel. So basicly no point to race online with this game using wheel atm, its just no contest.
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Hate bumping threads, but this is BY FAR the most important patch F1 2014 can get and I would hate it for CM to think we're happy about this now that we've finally given up complaining about serious stuff.

We're two weeks off starting a NO ASSISTS League that has nearly half the grid playing a different game.

Pad changes:-

  • Better turn-in
  • NO traction control unless it's been selected please.  

Wheel changes:-

  • NONE WHATSOEVER - make pad like wheel, so they can enjoy the game too.
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