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The legend AI are too fast!!!


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I would like to add something construtcive by adding some driving tips that helped me gain about 4 sec in total. I used to fight with the time gaps bewteen pro and legend Level since 2012. Everytime I moved up in difficulty i had to find about 2 sec. Never knew where the heck to find them. This is what helped me. Maybe others can benefit from this, too. I dont't wanna act as driving instructor so please excuse me when I post things that everybody knows anyway ;-) I had to revamp my whole driving style.  (I drive with no assists, only Cockpit View, use a fanatec elite pedal and either G27 oder DFGT )

I did 4 mistakes.

1. too low overall cornering speed. When your're able to drive a good line, you sometimes think your cornering is perfect and you can't go faster. Well the Apex is the slowest part of the turn. Make sure you really have the highest possible Speed when touching the Apex. Very often you can have 10 to 20 KM/H more speed at the Apex. So if you lose about 1/10 sec every Apex, your will be behind a sec after 10 turns. Like I said i didn't realize my Apex speed was too low, cos everything else seemed fine.

2. Mistake I used to do:  Do not steer towards the exit of the corner!  When past the Apex you start accelerating. If you had maximum possible speed at the Apex then the acceleration will push the car towards the Exit Point automatically. I think it's the lateral Speed that does that. All you have to do is make adjustments to that. I you have to steer towards the Exit, your Speed is to low. Hit the throttle earlier or strive for higher Apex Speed.  Sometimes you can find extra time if you try out late Apex or early Apex. Depends on the Corner or rather Corner combinations

3rd Mistake: Breaking to late or to heavy.  Hotlapping and racedriving are different things,  If you're breaking to late, your Apex Speed is too low, see the above.

4. Don't use downshifting to decrease Speed. If you use the Motor brake, your Corner entry Speed will be exactly the Speed your gear is adjusted to.  E.g.  4th gear is set to 200.  If you can enter the Corner with 230 lets say , then you will lose 30 kmh if you brake with the rev limiter. In the old games this is where you had to adjust your gears. In 14 you can't do this. But you can try the next higher gear. In the above example you would brake, shift down to fifth gear, use the extra Speed/momentum for Corner entry and when past the Apex shift down to fourth to have Optimum acceleration for the exit.  This does only work in a few Corners but helped me make up time. Edit: Downshifting inside a Corner can upset the car, so it is not generally recomendend, it depends on the Corner ( and your Setup)

Another technique would be "rev matching". Means: when shifting down, lightly brush the thottle for every gear Change. This helps not hitting the rev limiter off the next lower gear and also stabilizes the car. Works wonderfully in the rain by the way

Please excuse all the capitols, but somehow I can't deactivate my German spelling correction. I'm to lazy to correct all the capitols...;-)

Hopefully I could help somebody with These tips. And sorry again if it is all to obvious. Overall the above helped me gain around 3-4 sec per hotlap.

Maybe someone else can add a few tips... so that we will all be able to race on legend. Thanks for reading


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I race with a pad and no assists, I can race rhe legend AI easily on grand prix mode, but on career they are super fast. Only on Malaysia though, will probably get closer to them as upgrades get put on and everything
That's why you are doing well, with a pad!! I use a wheel with no assists and it's impossible to keep up with the legend AI!! It's like 2 different games it seems from pad to wheel!!
You are wrong. I also use a pad and I am struggling on legend. I have played all previous F1 games on Legend and AI was beatable. This year Legend is too hard for me. But not that much. Only Hamilton and Rosberg give me a hard time. I om on pole for 90% of the tracks, but in race I can't pull away from them. Even when driving for Mercedes Hamilton is too fast for me. Also wet races are poorly done, AI has so much more grip on wet track then I do. Like they are running on dry track and I am running on a monsoon.  
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I just finished a full career season on Legend AI, racing with McLaren - On very few tracks did I get absolutely caned by the AI, in fact I routinely beat every top-tier team, except Mercedes.

I use a Thrustmaster TX wheel, no assists. I agree with the people saying the gap between Expert and Legend is quite big, but by no means do I think Legend AI is too fast.
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The complaint really is more about the time difference between Expert and Legend being too big. They really just need Expert, Champion, Legend difficulty settings with Legend possibly being even faster than it is now and Champion being 1.5 secs quicker than Expert.
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If you're inbetween expert and legend then just keep practicing until you can keep up with Legend! 
I don't believe half these people who claim to run no assists really are... I never find any full no assist lobbies online! 
Perhaps drop the assists on Expert, or try to improve for legend. 
People don't realise that not using ABS for example can be worth up to 3tenths a lap. You can actually trail brake much easier!
manual gears are easily worth 2-3 seconds a lap because of the speed you can drop going into corners.
racing with faster people in my league has helped me improve. I'm constantly trying to better each lap time and search for time in every corner!
you guys just have to stop complaining and go get better!

Man you really think your something special dont you Matt! I always see your posts bashing ppl for voicing there opinion yet everything you say is complete bs! Correct me if im wrong but you play on a pad yes? Its so easy on a pad thats why YOU find it easy but for your info you aint running no assists on a pad, You have all assists enabled all the time and a huge steering assist just to top it all off. Whilst I dont agree with legend being to fast you cant deny that wheel users are at a huge disavantage when it comes to a long stint when tyre wear comes into play! The fact you say manual is 2-3 sec a lap faster proves what I said, You dont know what your talking about so maybe keep your opinions to yourself in future! ITS YOUR OPINION NOT FACT!!
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I see it's just pad users who disagree with the AI having full assists. It's okay if you aren't a simulation fanatic, but honestly the AI do have full traction control and ABS. Take a random heavy rain race and with a wheel and without assists you are completely unable to match their pace. The AI are like trains on rails.

Oh, and console and gamepad users: you have hidden assists too.
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manowar97 said:
Then don't play on legend....
I win every shit race with a 20 second gap, that's rediculous.
The legend AI should be faster and if you can't beat them you should use an other difficulty..
And I beat AI on expert by 20 seconds gap and that is not interesting. So what's there left for me then? I am saying that they made legend a bit more difficult than previous years but AI is still dumb when trying to overtake, they back of to easily and I can brake later, but they pass me in the pit window and I cant' catch up. And a gap between expert and legend is too big. I am 2 seconds quicker per lap on expert and a half second to a second slower on legend. One more thing, their pace on Legend in qualifying is slower than in the race, so that's not realistic also. I am not saying I am a great driver but I'm decent. I have played with assist on joypad, since my controls are different. My throttle is on "A" button on xbox controller and I brake on "X". I am not using triggers cause I can't get used to them.  But Turning off assists didn't help so much 
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Ive played on the controller on my ps3 since 2010 and have played every game like that, i bought a thrustmaster t300 with the th8a shifter and t3pa pedals to go with my ps4 and eventually project cars and f1 2015, ive played co op with a mate both on the controller and we race on legend in the red bull we will always have good fights together and sometimes win a few races here and there, but since ive got my wheel im obviously struggling  with traction and all that but it is great fun although we cant really have battles which is a shame but my point being i was one of the guys that were saying oh surely using wheel on 2014 cant be that bad but put it this way on the pad turn off traction control and put the car in rich mix and start driving that is sort of like what it is on a wheel expect the wheel has a bit less traction then that and you also have forcefeedback to contend with
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