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F1 [ORL] Online Racing League is Looking for Active and Respectful Racers! (PC)

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Don't you miss fair and respectful driving? Don't you miss exciting and fast driving? That's what our league is all about! ORL is a place to share experiences and make new friends. A place for experienced drivers and less experienced drivers to race against each other. A place where the community thrives and where we all share the same passion: Racing.

As ORL is starting new season (season 10) already then we are looking for players!
How can I participate in F1 season?
If you want to sign up, make sure you are a Member of ORL Group. Link: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/onlineracingleague
You have added one of the Admins as a friend on your friend-list in Steam. 
We have tested your skills on track. 
When season sign up topic is ready you can sign up by putting the information in Sign Up thread.
Just wait for a race and you are ready to go!

We are hoping that this topic will give you big boost to join our League! We are waiting for you!

NB! All assists are Disabled except gearbox!

Team [ORL]

An example race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQfJVn1uMKQ&t=112s

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Hi there! I’ve moved this to the F1 Games Leagues forum, so people can find it easier. Good luck with your league!

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