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Micro stuttering


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Almost gone for this oxymoron was 1 barely noticeable stutter in a 14 lap race, compared to a 1-2 sec freeze frame that I have been experiencing it was nothing.

Yes I do agree about the input lag.

My apologies if my lack of knowledge offended you...

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Far1an said:
Hi @Faya ,

during league racing F1 2017 some people always complain about micro stuttering since game release.
Sometimes - online ! - it is caused by players leaving the lobbies during races. But not possible measuring it by the number of players left...but the more players left the lobby the more it is possible of the micro stuttering to begin.

This is exactly my main issue in 2016 and 2017. Especially when you are the host of a multiplayer game. Every time a player leaves you get a screen freeze. After a number of players have left the lobby the game continue to stutter and you have to close the game.

@faya could you update use about this issue? this has been mentioned many times over a few years now.

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