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Following the success of the DiRT 4 eSports Qualifiers, Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals, AOR is excited to announce the return of the World Rallycross League on DiRT 4. Once again the 600HP Supercars will be at your disposal to compete around 5 official RX tracks in order to become the AOR World Rallycross Champion. Except this time we're reaching out to the Codemasters forums as well, in order to create the best experience for users around the world.

The league will be time and platform specific, due to the multiplayer on DiRT 4 not supporting cross platform. Each round will take place on a Tuesday, beginning at 8PM GMT0 with two heats, followed by 2 semi-finals and of course, the final.

The format of the RX heats will be designed with respect to the amount of sign-ups to each league, although as in the FIA WRX the drivers who make it through to the semi-finals will have tallied the most points in the heats as a result of having the best times throughout all drivers, rather than winning their respective heats. The 12 best point scorers in the heats will progress to the semi-finals, where the top 3 in each race will qualify for the final.

Each event will be able to surprize driverfs in the form of weather, each event will have randomized weather which will be made public 2 hours before the racing commences, alongside the format and schedule of the heat.

All of the available locations will be used for this league, specifically using their full circuit options. These locations are Montalegre, Lydden Hill, Hell, Höljes and Lohéac.

If you are interested in this competetive league, we recommend you to follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the AOR website (https://apexonlineracing.com/)
  2. Sign up to AOR / Log in to AOR
  3. Go to the following forum (https://apexonlineracing.com/community/threads/aor-rallycross-season-4-sign-up-thread.32806/)
  4. Read through the post and the linked posts
  5. If interested, sign up.
Yours sincerely,

SereneLogic - AOR DiRT Coördinator

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