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"Ghost" penalties on the grid...

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Hi all. My apologies in advance if this has already been posted before, but Ive been getting what I believe is a bug that is on the verge of driving me nuts. Am on PS4 platform and use the controller. First of 10 seasons in Career mode with Renault. Now at several races so far - Suzuka, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, Monza, Monaco, etc - I have been significantly dropped down the grid from the position I qualified. But not once through practice or qualy did I get any notification of a penalty, neither did I change gearbox or anything else for that matter. So I qualify 7th only to find myself 15th on the grid with a "penalty" notification next to my name....and to many other drivers as well. Anyone know whats going on here?

Secondly, this isnt a bug but I have NEVER passed the tyre wear practice programme at any of the circuits. Any tips on how to conserve the rubber?

Thanks for your anticipated responses. 

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