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I wanted to say to codemasters:

Even if I am a big F1 fan, i was really scared about F1 2014. I thought it would be just an upload of f1 2013 with new car design and engine sound.

I play with a T500 and the F1 add on. And for the first time since I bought it I really loved my wheel.  Great reaction of the wheel, and the throttle. Impossible to be at full charge in every corners,  You can loose the car if you don't drive carrefully (as bernie says xD).

I can't tell more as I am french, (I wouldn't have the correct words). But I just want to say THANK YOU CODEMASTERS FOR THIS GREAT GAME AT LAST YOU'VE MADE IT !!! (gameplay speaking)

I can't wait for F1 2015... ;) 
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Mcleev said:
It's good to hear that Ovier.

I too have a T500RS, but I'm struggling to get a good feeling with the feedback and handling.

Can I ask what your Thrustmaster profiler and ingame settings are, as well as FFB settings?

I have the same wheel and encountered the same problems at first. After a bit of experimenting I found these settings to work well for me:

Steering deadzone: 2%
Saturation: 45%
Linearity: 30%

Linearity at 30% makes for a very stable behavior on straights. Saturation needs to me adjusted according to a feeling of oversteering or understeering. Oversteering: reduce saturation
Understeering: increase saturation

Obviously, everbody will have a different taste and driving style, so this may only be useful as starting ground ...

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Finally someone with good news like me, i rate this the best f1 codies have done, sure career mode was better on 2010 and 11 but the AI are at there best out of all the games, the handling is heaps of fun, the brakes are realistic finally and the general gameplay is much better! 
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