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Wheel issue with Dirt Rally and possibly Dirt 4

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I bought a Thrustmaster T150 today having played this game with a keyboard for way too long, and I have to say, I might switch back to the keyboard...... The force feedback is all over the place. I played project cars 2 for a while with the wheel and the game feels spot on. When I make a hard turn in any direction in that game, I can straighten out just by letting go of the wheel (as it should be). In dirt rally it's all over the place. Half the time it works, half the time it's sloppy. It just feels awful. I'm using the default wheel settings having thrustmaster T150 set in the dirt rally profile. I didn't have to mess with any of the settings for project cars 2, and don't really know what most of them do. I'm just going to be honest, I can actually control the cars better using WSAD on my keyboard than I can with the wheel. And I know it's not the wheel because it works fine in project cars 2. Is there some sort of optimal settings? Just a place I can start so the game is playable? I don't even really expect to get a response since driving games are already niche, and nobody seems to want to spend 300 dollars on a wheel. I'm starting to see why.

Edit - It's the same way in dirt 4. It feels awful. If somebody hits me playing dirt 4 it's basically over. I have to restart the race. And I'm not talking about full on crash. I mean just tap my car, the force feedback will make it impossible to counter steer. Why isn't this an issue in project cars 2?

I was going to buy F1 after buying the wheel, and now I don't even know what to expect. I assume F1 is probably going to be just as awful with the wheel as your other titles. Also your forum is garbage (keeps asking me to select a sub for the thread even though I did that before post) try again and it makes me wait 600 seconds lol, and every time I alt/tab out of your games it constantly changes the aspect ratio and resolution taking me out of full screen. <~ This has got to be one of the most amateur development issues I've seen in any video game I've ever played.  I've got a library of over 250 games and it's only an issue with your games. Codemasters not making momma proud. You guys should ask slightly mad studios how they manage to not suck at everything. You'll thank me later.

Playing on PC
Windows 10

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