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About the missing "aesthetic" bits and pieces.....

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.....speaking for the sake of "realism", "officiality" and "curiosity",
here are a few questions to Codemasters / @Faya  / @jennyannem / etc.:

-Are we finally getting some actual driver leg protection in the cockpit?

How it looks in the game:



How it should look like:



-Are we finally getting Vettels "Black Gloves"?

How it looks like in the game:


How it should look like:


-Are we finally getting the correct steering wheel size aspect ratio for Sauber?

F1 2017 footage and size of Saubers steering wheel proportions:


Original footage and size of Saubers steering wheel proportions:


-Are we finally getting the MFD displayed inside the steering wheel to make cockpit and or helmet cam driving much more realistic and immersive?


-Are we finally getting the teams main sponsors, our names and our numbers displayed on top of our custom driver helmets in career mode etc.?

Look at 7:40 onwards to see the result of the custom helmet:


-Are we finally getting more realistic sounding engine noises?

F1 2017 footage of the engine and audio mix up (Ferrari):




Real footage of the engine and audio mix up (Ferrari):




How it could sound like (Ferrari):




Etc. Etc. Etc.

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Last vid the sound is too quiet on F1 2017 to compare fairly but the overhead cam was very clear, not a huge difference but the hissing sounds much better on Assetto Corsa. Apart from the sound not much else is likely going to be priority as they work on the 2018 edition, especially with 2017 teammate and online issues they have had.
It would be great to have more option in the helmet dept but I'd expect they would make sure the game is running much more smoothly before going more into added details. But who knows, I was surprised when they added helmet options again in 2016 and more personalised customisation in 2017 so more still in 2018??
Leg protection, any detail looks good but wouldn't really do anything more to the real game experience unless everything else is okay first.

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Get it on PC and all these problems are solved.

Why would we spend $1500 though on a gaming PC, when you can buy it for $100 on console. These are things console can handle, so should be in game

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Get it on PC and all these problems are solved.
Indeed, you are technically and factually correct, especially if we take all the sims and mod support into the equation, PC > Consoles is a logical conclusion to make, but:

This is a "Officially Licenced F1 Product", therefore having the most realistic representation possible in all aspects such as car design / track design / audiovisual design / HUD etc. is a non-negotiable "must have" that needs to be treated with concern imho.

Codies are comparable to EA / FIFA in that regard, as they got the "full licence", on the other hand they are most definitely not in the same boat as KONAMI / PES who are left with nothing than small "breadcrumbs" as EA apparently pays huge amount of fees to keep the majority of the licences for themselves, so Codies have got noone to blame for their lack of detail and bug festivals than themselves seeing as there is no actual rival to threaten their F1 niche market.

In other words:

There are "No Excuses", especially as Codies have got the licence for almost 10 years now.

PS: If Codemasters indeed have got the "exclusive" F1 licence as some rumours have suggested (Ian Bell, CEO at SMS), it begs the question why anyone with such a small studio would bother to pay these insanely disproportioned amount of fees only to keep the licence for themselves if they could easily pay a much smaller part and have a healthy competition with other studios to fight for supremacy, automatically making "quality", "officiality" as well as "creativity" become a major factor of success?

Are they perhaps scared of competition or maybe only interested in the guaranteed licence to print money with the F1 brand and thus are more than willing to keep up this financial model to preserve exclusivity to continue the hunt for the "greens"??

Or is the racing branche basically dying off all of a sudden and Codies are capitalizing from this "precarious" situation as much as possible to make their shareholders more than happy and see this as a mere investment to stay relevant in the biz???

PPS: Obviously it's safe to assume that if other, much bigger, studios truly were interested in the F1 licence, they'd be ready to pay a even higher amount of dough than Codemasters do, but apparently the prices have skyrocketed since F1 gained a wider influence on the market through the spiderwebs of the net, so it's possibly seen as a "risk" not worth to be taken.

Who knows, as long as none of the official parties (FOM / Codemasters) make a clear and transparent statement of how they are handling the F1 licence we are left wondering and assuming with lots of crazy rumours and the very tiny clips / statements / streams of other game studios who mostly gave "illusive" comments on this topic.


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Also all those outdated kerbs and old track surfaces, being sometimes multiple years old compared to reality

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