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Split screen player configuration

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maybe I start from a short introduction.
I am a father who is a occasional player of motorsport games. From time to time I played with my wife and children Colin Mc Rea Rally -
What we were missing was a split screen mode to play against each other.
First problem was availability of second FF wheel, which I had solved few months ago buying second Logitech Momo.
Meanwhile my old PC ended his life, so now I have new one.

Unfortunately Colin was not able to work properly with two Momos, so I've moved in direction of Grid Autosport.
First time just after installation it worked, but I did not understood at all, why first player was my profile, but second one was X as I could not select e.g. profile of my son.
In Colin I had created 4 personal profiles with different cars, different gearbox steering modes and here I can not.
Forget it, I can even be X when I am able to select sequential gearbox while my son is driving in automatic mode.
It worked somehow, but later I could not switch form sequential to automatic when two juvenile drivers wanted to play, so I've stopped.

Today I am launching this game for a second time, some updates were downloaded and again we want split screen mode.
Son's profile against "Second player", but what a surprise - only Son's profile is able to select gearbox type.
If my son had selected "automatic" I could not select "sequential", I could not change anything else at all as "difficulty mode" disappeared from Second player menu.
Maybe it looks crazy when two drivers with different difficulty modes are taking place at same race, but this is what we need and at least there should be possibility to change gearbox type and driving aids.

1. Could you support me with changing "Second Player" to "My (my son, wife, daughter, etc. ) Profile" ?
2. Could you return difficulty mode to "second Player" menu ?

Best Regards

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