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Recruiting for small GRID Autosport league.

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Hello everyone.
Me and few friends of mine created Junior racing league in game Grid Autosport, for which, we are on lookout for drivers. Your skill doesn't matter but instead we hope for clean and fair drivers.
Small Info for it is that league would be meant to happen On Saturdays 12 GMT, Also we have people from different nationalities, from italy or USA (if we are lucky) :P up to Malaysian and Australian people. So lagcar is the thing we deal every event with.
League is meant to be casual. in Saturday we do summarly 5 events with 1 event per each discipline (Touring/endurance/open wheel/tuner/street) Each event taking approx from 5 to 10 minutes. Also due to troubles we had, DLCs for that league are not required.
Additionaly we have 1 main league for which we look people too. Thats why we created junior squads to look for fair and clean racers who might get promototed by us. Some of stewards might be spectating and/or racing alongside juniors. You can ask me for more info. Also Discord is very nice to see as we have our "community" there.
Thanks for understanding and taking yours time to read this.
Thats all from me, we are happy to see interested people, and i wish everyone a good day.
P.s.If you are interested let me know too. I might send you link to "useless" steam group and to our discord if you decide to take a part :)

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