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Apex Online Racing (AOR) DiRT 4 Rally League

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After a widely successful second season of rallying across the various locations DiRT 4 has to offer, Apex Online Racing (AOR) is glad to announce its third season of AOR Rally. Following the closely fought battles from its second iteration, we strive to make this season its best yet. We are doing this by implementing more realistic weather across all 9 stages of each event, with the last stage always being a power stage. More on this later.

We're also introducing a new tier system into this league in order to give the slightly slower drivers a bit more chance to improve themselves without being demotivated by having 10 minute gaps to the leader of each and every rally. There will be two tiers, appropiately named the Pro Tier and Rookie Tier, the drivers will be assigned based on the pace and consitency they show during the Pre-Season Testing Events.

Pre-Season Testing
The Pre-Season will start at June 11th and will end at June 24th, each participant is required to race in every pre-season event to make your allocation as accurate as possible. There will be two events during the Pre-Season that will each span 1 week. These events will both take place in Fitzroy, Australia and one will uses the NR4/R4 cars, while the other uses the R5 cars. At the end of these events the League Coordinators will assign the participants based on their performance in both of these events.

We'll be visiting each DiRT 4 location in random order, as we've done each season. This season's calendar is as follows:
  • Round 1 - Michigan, United States (02/07/18 - 08/07/18)
  • Round 2 - Powys, Wales (09/07/18 - 15/07/18)
  • Round 3 - Fitzroy, Australia (16/07/18 - 22/07/18)
  • Round 4 - Tarragona, Spain (23/07/18 - 29/07/18)
  • Round 5 - Värmland, Sweden (30/07/18 - 05/08/18)
Each of these rounds will start on Monday 00:00 BST and end at Sunday 23:30 BST

The person with the most points at the end will receive the title of AOR Rally Champion.

Signing Up
In order to sign up you'll need to go to the following link (https://apexonlineracing.com/community/threads/aor-dirt-4-rally-season-3-sign-up-thread.33931/), if you haven't yet created an AOR account, you'll have to do so in order to be able to sign up to this championship. The thread itself is pretty self-explanatory and there's loads of additional information to be found in it.

I hope to see you all in the AOR Rally League :)

Yours sincerely, 
AOR Rally & Rallycross Coordinator SereneLogic

PS: For any question, feel free to DM me on the AOR forums, or on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Serene_L0gic)

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