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lobby, public playlis, custom session.

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i don't know if develop process is complete and if is not possible make some design choice at the online side of autosport.
I would like to give you some advice, stuff i think is approved by most of us. I go to the point:

Menu organization:

Autosport online: 

- Events:   custom session / public playlist

the organization of this 2 event is prefer to be symmetrical, when you find for custom session appear a scroll list of events(a long one, not just 7entry like grid2).
And similar for public playlist is better have a scroll list of public events, not big click squares like grid2.

Into a grid1 ranked events was similar, a long list of custom session and private session.
Now is similar, the rule of custom event with host kick and personalization is more near to the private event session of grid1(with the host name of who create the lobby as lobby-name).
On the other side there are public playlist. So would be nice have all under eyes, all public playlist lobby list, and important, a menu to create public events.

Then all difference is more customization and host kick on custom events.
And fast event playing on public events, with kick-vote and less option.

both with a big section of lobby listed into a long scroll menu rooms.
so you can join into:
-custom events lobbys/sessions listed by host name
-public events lobby/sessions listed by kind of events (like grid1, ebay, touring, gt, derby etc)

And allow then to create an public session event, with few option..
thats all.

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