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ONRUSH | v1.02 [PS4 & Xbox] - Found a bug? Post it here!


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Help-I can’t get get past the quarter finals on the last tournament in snowbound-connection keeps dropping out just as I’m about to head to victory-any ideas? I’ve done it 4 times this evening and it’s happened every time-is this just a ploy so I don’t complete the section?

no available updates as I’ve just checked 


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Hi Onrush Team, ok so i have encountered ALOT of bugs, but ive also been playing the game nearly all day every day i have off, have already maxed out at lvl 400, have won a few previous season races and have really put the game through its paces on the PS4.  Love Love Love the game and hope you will continue to add more tracks and vehicles.  Most of the bugs are network connection related i think as the game seem to time out alot or crash and then penalize me for quitting in the middle of match.  the most annoying bug ive found so far is that during a race i will run into an object (that u can normally drive through) like the little orange O's or NPC bikes or even the death markers) and will come to a complete stop if not wreak, the items are getting frozen in place and running into them is like hitting a brick wall, this happened a few times in different matches on different courses.  I havent seen it recently, but last week is when it was happening.  

Other minor bugs ive seen in the past frequently, are leader boards not updating after a win or loss, oh and sometimes instead of going over a hill or ramp the car will magically drive through the hill or ramp.  

Not sure if you are doing updates or Maint on the game but its seem to be getting more and more buggy.  I would love a good update as i have not stopped playing and loving the game since its release.

Hope that helps, Keep it up!!

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