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Quickplay needs more variety?

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As the title says.

I loved the beta and love playing this game proper, but the selection of events/tracks in quickplay right now is horrendously shallow. We really, really need more events on different tracks, because as it stands right now there are only like 16 combinations and some of them are outright tedious or really don't utilise the tracks to their true potential.

Bikes-only Countdown on Osprey Park, I'm looking at you.

Basically, guys, you need to throw more track/event combinations into the mix. EVERY track in quickplay should have at least one Overdrive variant, and most of them should utilise Countdown too. For Quickplay those two are by far the most casual and accessible modes. If it were up to me, I'd alternate between Overdrive and every other mode in a rough sequence. I know you can change the playlist stuff server-side because of the beta. C'mon. :)

I've yet to see Big Dune Beach online at all. I've yet to see anything on Glory Dam that isn't checkpoint. There are only three Overdrive events in Quickplay and all three of them have class restrictions. I miss doing Overdrive in a Vortex on Volcano Lake or on Blast Pit. I want to see how well a bike handles Crimson Base. I want to find out what works for Overdrive on Redrock Refinery. As it stands, online, I can't. It's difficult to find a feel for what cars work on what tracks when right now we can't even drive 80% of the possible combinations due to the limitations. Please fix this? As it stands, whenever Lockdown on Osprey Park shows up, everybody bails. It's a great track, wasted by an awful setup.

Also please fix weather not working in custom events. The rain and snow effects in this game are amazing and currently outside of the campaign mode they're completely wasted. (Do stay away from the dreaded rain/snow and night combinations, it's impossible to see anything. Night by itself is fine. rain and snow by themselves is fine. Putting them together is impossible).

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