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Ideas for the game

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1. After half a season of career mode 1 thing annoys me. The Practice sessions. 

Always the same programs over and over again and they get really boring over time.

I love career mode but the practice sessions get boring halfway thru the first season. 

2. I would love to see the option to use your own driver in Grand Prix/quick race mode. Instead of only being able to drive as officials drivers I think some people would also want to be driving with their own character in quick races.

3. Better online ghosting system. Right now the ghosting system in online is just unreliable. You never really know whether the desynced/laggy/AI car is ghosted or not.

4. More option in career. Of course this one is obvious. I think we all want more things to do in career mode. 

1. More helmet designs. 
2. Press conferences/interviews/ post quali and post race interviews.
3. Driving the cool down lap yourself.
4. Being able to be in control of the car in pitlane.
5. Retire by boxing.
6. More aggressive AI.
7. Better damage model.
8. Classic car events worked out better.

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I think any lagging or desyncede’s cars should just be 100% ghosted.

As for classic car events, I think a cool thing may be to make them “off-season” or promotional events. Like going to season opener in Melbourne? Have a classic race there pre-season. Have classic races in classic circuits worldwide between seasons. Maybe that can build the driver’s “brand” and increase Rp earnings and contract offers

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There isn't much that can be done with the practice programmes.But I really would like to see a better character customisation and if such thing is implemented in the game,it's a must to have the choice to use your own character.

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I would like to see more realistic approach with car setups and car physics step abit more towards simulation. i hope codies fix crazy setups for f1 18 because current setups with 1 11 wings etc is complete yoke. lockups actually gain you lap time which is just wrong tyre degradation is big part of f1 i hope they implemented it better for f1 18 game to bring more life into career mode. as for casaul players well.. you will have assists XD

Some other features and ideas i would like to see implemented in future game;

1. random mechanical failures. brake, gearbox, engine, suspension,tyres failures. 

2. unsafe pit realises for the lolz

3. improvements with the downshifts. sound and physics punish downshift spamming by nuking the engine or gearbox in simulation mode. entry spins, damage to gearbox engine or increase in temperature's similar to f1 11 

4. flat spots on tyres

5. classic race tracks     valenica ❤ 

6. option ghost lapped cars multiplayer 

7. career test/tutorial at beginning of carreer. explain setups indepth for newbies simple driving techniques.

8. time trail wheel pad icon near the assist icons. option separate assists from leaderboards or separate leaderboards.

9. scenario mode similar to  f1 13. 

10. ability to create a season online and save session results to separate  qaulifying race. for example start qaulify on Saturday have ability save results race on sunday repeat host options to manage results and penaltys. + 2 player slots for spectators for league racing.  option to force default setups and camera view. 

11. bulletproof anti cheat feature


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