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Where's my snow + night levels?!

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Heyy so I suspect that ya'll removed the snowy and night levels from the playlist due to complaints.  I am only guessing this because, even though I LOVE these environments, I am sure that some people complained that the limited visibility makes it too difficult to become acclimated to a brand new game/genre; and, at the end of the day, you all want to foster a healthy community of players for this game so that you can afford to support the game long term.  If this is the case, then way to listen to the community! :)

BUT, please just bring back snow levels in some capacity.  And some rain effects would be amazing, too.  Also, I'd break out the "seasons" setting into two separate settings: "seasons" and "weather".  I love heavy weather effects.  The more difficult to see, the better.  But, I get that this isn't for everyone.  So, please just at least give these features back to us in custom games (I love slo-mo + photo mode!), and hopefully don't hesitate to challenge players with limited visibility in "Rank Mode" in the future.


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