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It's in the bin!!!!

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SASBlink said:
"its in the bin" 

@RTAnoskills, did you crash into this game by any chance? 

poor game, :'(

Nah, I didnt bother with this game, its got enough problems without me,  LOL 
Soon to be discovered save game corruption for 1.   
Always on assists LOL wow.

I wont be paying for any more CM games untill they learn how to make them work.  BEFORE SELLING THEM!!!

@hammymansell Take the game out of the bin, take it back to the shop, and politely ask for a full refund, stating that the game is not finished, its not fit for purpose.  You have a right to your money back.  UK anyway.  They are not allowed to refuse.  They can offer store credit, but decline that, and get your cash back.  The shop will claim in back from their suppliers or CM. 
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TMDol said:
Unlucky, I'm loving the game!

same. it's not a perfect game but it is still fun to play. Dont see why people keep complaining.
I just don't get how obsessively angry and attached some people get. Over a computer game! Do they honestly expect Code masters to listen to such immature whining? this hammymansell2nd dude is losing his marbles it seems.
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