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Lets Get Codemasters To Do Something About the AI

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Codemasters made the AI and they can break the AI, it's that simple.

I was just playing Grid (the original) and anyone that has knows this scenario, I started near the rear of the field, got up to where there were two cars in front, one spun out nearly taking me out but I avoided it and concentrated on the leader, my Nissan Skyline GT-R Z-Tune handling beautifully, I took him a few turns later, now here is the weird thing, we were just in front of the pack when I passed him.

I really hammered it now and this one guy kept right on my tail trying to ram me at every corner, he now has much more speed than the other AI cars and stays right on my tail for another lap until I finally shake him off.

What happens with the AI cars is that they get more speed when they are close to you, there is lines in the code for the AI drivers that set their aggression, speed in, speed out etc, but these are overridden under certain circumstances, it's like the reverse of the "easy catch up" that some games employ, it happens for the AI cars.

Codemasters you want to sell lots of games but time after time you ignore the cries of "the AI cars making it like a demolition derby", why do you think that people want that, are you making too much money?

Why put things in a game that put a lot of people off?

Are your game designers that out of touch they think that's what everyone wants?  Get your game designers out in the fresh air, take them to real car races and see how they are run, maybe it will rub off.

Grid, Grid 2 and Grid Autosport could be the best racing games out there but it's the stupid AI that's holding them back, you could be making lots more money on these games.
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