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No spinning wheels? Wait, ....gotta laugh!

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Playing 2014 on PC, all settings maxed out, DF GT Wheel. Would consider myself as casual gamer, no hardcore-sim-fan. Own & played all parts of the series from 10-14.
Started playing today and just did TT in Melbourne, Bahrain, Shanghai, Spain.
Only racingline in turns, all other assists off.
2. Wheel spinning out of corners like crazy. Even in 4th or 5th gear.
3. Spinning and car behaviour is much more predictable - what I found really great! Used to play TC on medium. Now in 14 first time permanently off, but wouldn't consider this as too easy.
I'm definetly struggeling, but not with this frustration effect I got in 12 & 13, when I tried TC off.
4. I agree with other posts, that tyre lockup does not really happen as it used to be in. Definetly miss this!
5. Breaking points are definetly much later this year. (ERS effect??) But the car feels very responsive and vivid in beraking and acceleration to me.

Might mention, that I changed my system for 2014 and also the much better performance and framerate might cause a good portion of my fun!

But for now I just can say: THANKS CODEMASTERS! Obviously you made a quick and somewhat effortless shot in this one, but the overall feel, when driving the game is absolutely enjoyable.
But please fix the pad-user-advantage. Thats really annoying for all online-players!

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