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There are more players on Grid 2 than GAS. Why???


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You wrong. In GAS u can easily win races with stock cars. Actually, IIRC, in G2 it was hard for new players to earn money to buy cars and upgrades which had much bigger impact on performance. In GAS upgrades dont work (which is good) and tunning is not that big of a deal.
BTW, it's 66% off for GAS and number of players has risen since and its bigger than G2's atm. Seems like only thing that matters is a price.
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isamu99 said:
Deoing said:
GRID 2 is more popular because it's the better game

Fixed :)

LoL GAS is way better than GRID 2 and the reason why you can find probably more (actually are the same number most times) is the better Derby mode of GRID 2 that has fanatic fans  (in GAS is fail because of too much grip less speed so no very strong colissions and no possibility for custom skin) Offcorse Grid's 1 derby is still the best!
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