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The F1 2014 Grand Prix Predictor Forum Game

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Spanish GP Predictions

  1. Ros
  2. Ham
  3. Ric
  1. Hamilton
  2. Rosberg
  3. Ricciardo
  4. Alonso
  5. Hulkenberg
  6. Vettel
  7. Raikkonen
  8. Bottas
  9. Button
  10. Perez
Predicting becomes a lot harder when your not 100 points behind the leader. lol

EDIT: *1.Rosberg

For qualifying , in case there's confusion ( or Chris is an idiot )
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Couldn't those two picks simply not count/gain him points? I mean, it's not like he's trying to cheat, and the solution seems simple enough; 1-7 + 10th place count for points, 8 and 9th don't...
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fIsince08 said:
Wth... I wrote Bottas in for 9th. I clearly remember writing his name... :-/
You know the rules bud, won't count. Doesn't come out of your bonus points at the end of the season though.
The rules for this is that I don't score points for 8th or 9th place. The rest count, read the rules :p

Kind of annoyed, I double checked it before posting, I remember seeing Bottas's name on there.
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