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Average Weekly Number of Players on Racenet Challenges


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I was wondering how many people, in average, take part on Racenet challenges (in this case I'm looking at PS3 in particular) on a weekly basis.

the other day I got a very bad lap time and was ranked just under 1000th place (Top 90%) with less than 24 hours for the challenge to end. on the same day, I clocked a Top 30% time on another track and that put me on 100th or so.

does that mean we barely have less than 2000 people playing GRID Autosport on PS3? this is pretty shocking...
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kimdurose said:
I find they are a nice "fallback" when the playlists are empty. Minis around Spa are a good laugh at the moment. They virtually park up on the tight corner before the drop down to Eau Rouge!!
the secret there is trying to be Top 3 at the long staright. if you do that, you can easily be first by the downhill section and not have to worry about being rammed.
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