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2018 Le Mans 24 Hours


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Predictably, Toyota are on pole with the #8 car of Alonso / Nakajima / Buemi car. Shame it looks like there isn't going to be an amazing LMP1 battle this year, but I hope the GTE Pro class can put on a good fight, as they usually do.

Unfortunately though, I'm going to miss pretty much the whole start of the race on Saturday afternoon / evening, because my girlfriend's auntie and uncle have bought the two of us tickets to a concert...

at the Wembley Stadium...
to see...
Ed Sheeran...


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I saw Ed Sheeran in Manchester a few weeks back. Like you, not exactly by choice, but he alright give him a chance. The strangest part of the experience was seeing the Etihad stadium full for once. 

Anyway yeah, LMP1 is dead in the water at the moment. If Toyota find a way to lose this year without Audi or Porsche there to crush their dreams then they deserve to liquidate as a company. 

I wonder if Alonso feels he'll suitably deserve winning one of motorsport's most prestigious trophies in a car 5 seconds a lap clear of the field (ref: https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/136700/alonso-glad-he-doesnt-have-undeserved-trophies)
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The race up front was a bit dull, but the LMP2 and GT Pro battles were pretty good. I assume the officials were all looking the other way when the Porsche was weaving down the road! :smiley:
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