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GRID Autosport - what need fixed in next console patch

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Small list what need fix if next patch last...
[ ! ] - priority
  • [ ! ] About freeze not talk, it's priority
  • Playlist rotation (multiplayer)
  • [ ! ] Fix physics drift on Fanatec wheel (can't be normally drive (in GRID (first) all OK))
  • [ ! ] Fix handling on Fanatec wheel
  • Pressure brake without ABS
  • [ ! ] Honda Civic TC, fix gearbox or revs engine
  • [ ! ] Possible to correct or reduce the penalty for leaving the track or cut corner (make more logic), in some places...
  • In setting, fix sound setting, after load save, sound setting "Dynamic Range" low (but choice and saved high)
  • Multiplayer, Endurance, GT1, Nissan GT-R R35 GT500 2008 add choice RaceNet (team) paint, or custom paint
  • Multyplayer, no sound engine after start race
  • Extra Championship save progress
Loore said:
I'm told no, sorry.
no comments
  • Drag, on test session after race show time (not understand what setting give)
  • Time Trial, add Legends Pack & Drag Pack
  • Test Session for online cars (with save cars setting)
  • [ ! ] Fix physics some cars, Caparo T1 (very sharp), Lancia Delta (very tight turns in corner)
  • [ ! ] Fix height of camera, or add the ability to manually change
If remember that, add
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