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Wet Weather transitions are much improved!

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Well done codies on the transition from dry to wet conditions and also when it goes from wet to dry.

Last night in China it went from Full wet to intermediates to dry tyres and the transition took about 15 laps, pretty realistic, in previous games it has dried up in about 2-3 laps and then your on dry tyres.

It was very enjoyable being out there on inters with the track slowly drying up and waiting until I had the guts to come in for slicks.

The pace of the ai is still crazy quick whenever we are all on the wrong tyre though.

One problem I had was I couldn't get enough heat into my intermediate tyres until halfway through the stint, hopefully this is just a China track specific thing as i havent had any trouble with this on other tracks.
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its not in career. Premade scenarios. Ever wondered why every first race in australia in career mode is clear skies and sunny. Dont think even austrailia can boast weather like that. I went there for 4 months and it didnt stop raining!  :) 

in gp mode it is random but has tight controls by default. For example on many tracks the min time it can remain in same state is 45 mins,
by changing the values in the database you can really mix things up 
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I think is the same, not bad. I think is just the best game in this sense. But A.I. must do lap times slower when the transition are slow rain/full/rain. I pit stopped today in the lap 22/28 and put wet tires, and A.I. inters. Lap per lap rain increased, there were more water, but A.I still doing same lap times than before, and loosed 5 positions because I was very slow with this tires.
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