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Dirt Rally - data load failed - nothing worked


Hi, yesterday I tried to run Dirt Rally but on start I got the message "data load failed". It asked me to create new profile and overwrite previous saved data.
I didn't want to do that because I didn't want to lose my progress, but I lost it anyway.

I've read some threads on Steam forum and Codemasters but they'are kind of outdated to me - most of them are from 2015, back when Dirt Rally was still in early access or right after relase so it is obvious in was kind of buggy at that time.

I tried things that people recommended in threads I've mentioned above:
- remove files from userdata folder and disable cloud services in Dirt
- changed my Windows account so it doesn't have any "foreign" letters
- checked local cache integrity for Dirt and recently reinstalled
- removed all files from Steam folder (apart from steam.exe and steamapps) so Steam could download its files again and kind of refresh
- ran Steam and Dirt as an adminstrator

None of them worked for me :/ Everytime I run Dirt I get "data load failed" error and need to create a new profile.
You guys have any ideas to help me?

I should mention that that I wasn't playing it for a few days and during this time my Windows got an update (it's Windows 10 btw).

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They'll need more information about your system besides the operating system.

They'll need to know what CPU and GFX Card you're using for a start.


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@SkiddyMcCrash Thanks very much.
My specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5 3210M
GFX card: GeForce GT650M

I still don't think cpu or gfx have anything to saving files issue.

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