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Nationwide Racing (NWR) on GRID Autosport (Xbox)


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I'm Ollie, Co-Founder of Nationwide Racing (NWR).

NWR was formed in March 2013 prior to the release of GRID 2. Our team consists of highly experienced GRID'ers who have raced the series for over 5 years, some have been loyal since that first day of the release of Race Driver GRID back in 2008. Currently we have around 20 odd members since our debut in online racing as a team and we continue to expand. We do have plans in the pipeline to further our operations on DiRT games in the near future.

GRID Autosport
We as a team have been very excited since the announcement of GRID Autosport, we've been following updates from Codemasters closely as you'd probably guess and I can tell you that we've been very impressed with what Codemasters have created. We're have lots of talks at the moment of what we are going to do on GRID Autosport, and we plan to host some in-team events throughout the next few months.

If you are looking to join a racing team, why go elsewhere?

To join, contact NWR Charger LE or NWR Millzy on Xbox Live.

NWR Charger LE (Team Leader)
NWR Millzy (Co-Founder & Website Editor)

Website: http://www.teamnwr.webs.com
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