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F1 2014 PS3 Racing League - All abilities and ages welcome!

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Hi everyone, 

My name is John and I am a co-owner of a league known as PSORC (Playstation Online Racing Championships), and we are currently accepting new members for our next season of F1 Racing - commencing the 5th of November. We cater for all abilities and ages, and simply want everyone to race in a clean, fair environment where they can have fun!

If you feel a certain worry about committing yourself to a league, be assured that PSORC is a friendly, polite environment where racers can compete, formulate friendships, and have fun. We do not tolerate any swearing towards members. Everyone is invited - no matter what your assist level or pace may be, we will help you find the right league! 

We have a full list of rules and regulations, which are both designed to allow clean racing, with the opportunity to contest unfair driving and incidents with our stewards panel. This means that no-one will be compromised from enjoying the game to the full!

I will post a link to the website below, and hope to see you on track! If you have any questions, feel free to send a contact form through our website, email us at PSORC@hotmail.co.uk or contact us through Facebook and Twitter (these are clearly displayed on our website)!

We hope you will consider us for your F1 2014 needs! http://playstationonlineracingchampionships.webs.com


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