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Codemasters F1 Release Date

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Please, the only complaint that I have had for 8 years now...
Release the Formula One game prior to the season with all appropriate drivers and tracks for that season.
It really is irresponsible to release your F1 game at the end of each season with only several races to go, and then we are subject
to play an outdated game thru the following season...
Your reputation suffers greatly when you apparently cannot so much as stay current with each season...
Like last week at France, Codemasters did not release an update for the track prior to the race...
And you do not release a skin or driver update, so either you guys really don't care about your purchasing audience, or are simply lame...
Please, release each year's game well prior to it's first race so we may race alongside each venue thru the season...
Or explain to all of us why you have never done so...
No brainer CM's.... 

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I think only the first f1 game was released,like that F1 1996 was released in 95 for ps1 if my memory serves, now I don't think they can do it today for liscensing,copy right,data protection and a bunch of other bs reasons that exist today,I could be wrong of course but I dont think I am!

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