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It makes the game alot better imo as I can "just drive" (sky F1) without constantly looking at the gaps to other cars and my sector times then loosing focus and spinning lol! The engineer is pretty useless when it comes to telling you gaps to other cars but will tell you if you are matching race pace or slower/quicker than the car behind/ahead on the odd laps now and again, most cars this year have your lap time on the wheel so what I do if I cant see the ppl im racing is have a look on race director see what my last lap time was then I know each lap if my pace is good or not simply by looking at my wheel on a straight. This obviously only works offline as online you do need to know what lap your on sometimes and cant press pause so Ill chuck it on for coop or online but single player is much better with no hud especially those stupid arrows that tell you where cars are! Give it a go mate, cockpit view and no hud makes me belive im driving a F1 car around silverstone lol!
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I think when you play without HUD is awesome, you can concentrate more, but we need a engineer that bring us much more information. The lap you are, for example, 4 laps remaining for expected pit stop, more pace of A.I., who are behind you and if slower or faster...
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