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F1 2014 Tyre Glitch

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Soz matt should of checked that it was still the case in this years game but after doing my r@d  earlier my tyres were the same ones after all, my bad! Im 99.9% sure that it was the case in the other games as I often do my r@d after ive had a bit of practice and my tyres were different to the ones id been using before hand. This might be to do with what r@d we have to do as how can someone wear there tyres less than 21% if already used 50% lol!
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No it is a design feature 100% sure now as my  r@d just now I was on primes in garage no laps in the session done, the r@d was 5 laps on full tank of fuel so I accept it and im on the option tyres for the 5 laps with full tank then as I complete it I am put onto primes with only 10 laps of fuel in the car! went back to garage and checked my option tyres and ALL had 0% wear! Like I guessed earlier it depends what the r@d is to how it affects the tyres used. Know it isnt realistic for my tyres to get changed as im doing 150mph but It leaves me with fresh options to do my quali run so makes sense why codies added the feature, not bug!
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