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Thinking of picking up 2014...

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So, I've been getting the itch for a new racing game, and being a huge F1 fan, I'm thinking of giving Codemasters another shot...

The last version I owned was F1 2012(PS3), and although fun, it did have some issues that eventually led me to trading it in about three months after I picked it up. So, before I get my hopes up with 2014 I've got some questions...

The main issue that led me to trading it in was the difficulty level... on Normal, I found it to be way too easy. I was able to make it to the top of Q3 and place on the podium with the Caterham come race day. Now, as any F1 fan would know, this just shouldn't happen. So of course, I decide to turn it up to the next difficulty level. Which was fine. I was placing exactly where I should've been for the car I had. Then they released the patch and it became a frustrating exercise in futility...  So, I unlocked the Force India, hoping a better care would help, but after a solid week of serious practice on Albert Park, putting in probably well over 300 laps, the best I could consistently do was just under a second of the time I needed to hit. Regardless, I pressed on to the full race just to see what I could do... I'm not sure where I ended up placing, I didn't come in last, but it was no where near where I should've been according to the goals the team set for me. If memory serves me right, I think I came in a little above where I should've placed had I been driving the Caterham.

Regardless, I pressed on through the next few races of the season, practicing and doing my due diligence on looking for tuning tips and watching others, and still ended up with the same outcome. Realizing that I had met my match, I quit Career mode and switched over to just running Time Trials, which got eventually got pretty boring... and led me to trading it in.

So, I guess my question is, even with the new "Driver Evaluation" system they've put in, am I still going to run into the same issues with the difficulty settings? I've raced in leagues before, and out of a field of a 100 or so drivers, I usually end up placing somewhere around the middle of the pack, so I don't consider myself slow, by any means, but I know I'm not the fastest out there and I'm cool with that. I just want to be able to run Career mode at a difficulty level appropriate for my skill. Am I going to find that?

A couple of other things I'm wondering about are...

Am I going to run into any issues with my Fanatec with either the Xbox 360 or PS3?

How is the weather engine this time around? In 2012 it was a bit frustrating at times... When it would go from Typhoon Phanphone to dry, to a light drizzle, then dry... then Typhoon Phanphone again all in the course of the first 20 laps, it would get a little annoying... Have them improved on it any? Is there an option to turn it off in Career mode?

That's about it... Thanks in advance for any advise :)

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Best game yet for actual driving.

Wet weather is broken. AI driving around like its still dry.

Difficulty is much better. I havent won a race on legend without a Merc.

If they patched the weather and experience for pad users the game would be almost flawless, although still a bit of a rip off.

I would wait till Christmas. Patches will be released by then and the price would represent something more suitable to a copy and paste rush job.
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