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Grid Autosport from a longtime fan of Codies racers.

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Please codies with the new game (autosport) can you watch for cheats on the leaderboards, ban them, remove their times. The people that cheat have already given you the money to buy the game so if they want to ignore the agreement that you will probably have pop up stating the rules of online play then please ban/remove times etc. If they wish to do it again then make them buy another copy of the game until they understand it will not be tolerated, after all, your hardcore fans will appreciate the "legitimate" times being posted and you get another cheat's money for re-buying the game (plus the satisfaction of banning them).

Yeah wasn't impressed with Grid 2 gameplay wise (graphics were nice though) but after reading the interviews, i agree with everything that was said.....return to your roots :)

Gladly awaiting this "correction" to the grid series plus stop keeping DiRT4 under wraps and give us a teaser, i miss my rallying hehe.
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