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[DIRT 3] It's sad that I want to buy DLC but can't.

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A mountain of broken promises.. broken GFWL , its kinda pathetic that the Dev team has gone silent, guess no one is man enough to tell the community they gave up, then again that could hurt what little sales they have from steam anyways.

Great job guys, I promise you, this will be the last game I ever buy from the joke known as "CodeMasters" not that it matters to them much, looks like there having fun dicking off playing games like destiny and such. Enjoy the cheap buck you made of myself and many of the other fans you lost
( Steam post, because its apparent you guys dont check there anymore, even created an account here that likely after this will never be used again. )

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Have patience,
It could take more time than they thought. Maybe the crew is bussy with the new game or something else. It is not that the game is completely broken and it is not their fault that microsoft shuts down GFWL witch was a failure at the begining, in my eyes. I don't see other devs taking the least bit of effort in even saying to patch their game.

Although i think some of codies games lack in quality(blurry dashcam, or no dashcam for example, but i think they have their reasons) they are still one of the beter racegame developers on the pc.

Just give them some time to fix these things i guess.
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ARCNoOne said:
Just give them some time to fix these things i guess.
It's been a year now.
I'm thinking it's pretty safe to say it's probably not going to happen, at this point.
Dark Souls is just confirmed to be transferring soon last week, so they've been working on it for a long time as well. So like @Decyphered‌ said, just give them some time...
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