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Lockdown fix

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Hello OnRush devs.
Thanks for this game, I liked the beta and also loving the final game.

Lockdown is UNPLAYABLE! well for me, because it is highly an unbalanced mode.

I understand you race and try to capture a point as it is moving, however the design of the capture point is the major problem with this mode.
1) Capture point is way ahead, and ONLY for people who are constantly in lead of the race, or people driving ahead of the race.
2) Capture point when respawned, slows down while players are trying to capture it, for WHAT reason!??? this makes you while driving to either stop using your boost or just reduce your accelerator/gas which opens you to wrecking by other players.
3) racers who are behind because of wreck or crash, cannot gain up and will have no choice but to let the game respawn/reset them to closest action racing.

In this mode, I can never win a match, so what is the point of me playing it if i keep loosing because it is unbalanced?

1) Capture points should respawn randomly at different location so that racers can get to it! Yes it is obvious everyone's racing straight ahead and it is common sense that the capture point will respawn ahead, but that is the problem. Capture point should respawn either at people taking the racing lead ahead, racers racing in the middle or racers trying to catch up!
2) Capture points slows down for no reason, which I absolutely don't understand that decision in the design idea. Is it to make people who are running out of boost? because the capture point slows down, you have to slow down your vehicle which gives the enemy EASY chance to easily wreck you, which p*sses me off!
Capture point should NOT slow down at all, let it keep moving at constant speed so that racers will WORK hard to get to it, by using the vehicle functions or knocking off fodder racers,
If the capture point would slow down, let it slow down all the way behind the racers who are trying to catch up with other racers so that they can fight, because WHAT if the point in them trying to catch up to capture point whereas they are way too behind???
3) Just like solution 1), capture point should respawn at 3 locations: a] racers who are in the lead, b] racers in the middle catching behind lead racers, c] racers falling behind because of crash.

hope they fix this mode and make it balanced
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