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Should You Play F1 2014? | A Review

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Hey, you probably don't know me, but that doesn't matter.

I'm sharing this since I thought some people might be interested in this, and while I know I may end up bringing dislikes to my video, I do want to gauge some views (not just YouTube views :p), opinions and criticisms of my, uh, criticisms xD 

So, have a watch... mind the thumbnail which you can probably already determine my answer from, and either disagree or agree with what I say and point out.


This is the first time I have made video like this, so don't be too harsh with my editing and style. I'm surprised I've got so many positive comments and likes for a small channel such as mine, so I must have done something right.
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I agree with your opinion,  seems like there is no explanation for a lot of things as no FP1 and 2, or there is, budget in my opinion looks to be the only explanation for that, maybe comparing their revenues against what they have to pay for the license there is no money for more investments either technical or professional.

In the end I will play 2014, because I love F1 and this is what we got.
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