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Bug in pit stop ruined my race

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Hi, I'm doing a career in F1 2014. No assists, 50%, and damage and all SIM as possible. Ok, I was doing the race of Barcelona. Trainings, Q1, Q2... I Qualifyed 12. Started the race, 32 laps, and did my pit stop. I was 8. Three laps after (My team mate was in hard tires and I started in Soft), did him pit stop. When I pass to the main straight, I saw his position and other driver in the mini map, in the pit lane zone. Each lap I passed through this zone, I ever saw they in the minimap, I don't think they are shown if they are desqulified, but I thinked that they must be crashed and now they are inside the garage. I did my 2nd pit stop, and my surprise. They were in the pit stop zone! Yes, as they doing the pit, but there were no mechanics, no men, only the car stopped. So My car putted into the pit zone, but no mechanics commed to me for changing the tires. So I could be here entire race, because nothing happened. Is the first time that occour, but destroyed my strategic and interesting race.

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