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CmdrCody said:
I expect the interview questions and answers to be extremely repetitive. I mean, what do you guys really expect from this feature? Should Codemasters hire the writers and quest designers from Witcher 3's development team? From what I've seen, the interview system is extremely simple and 1-dimensional under the hood:
  • you're either in a team that prefers i) showmanship or ii) sportsmanship, 
  • all interview answers lean more or less to either of these styles,
  • you get rewarded for answering questions in the style preferred by your team.
End of story. There's nothing more to it than that. I doubt there are more than 50 questions in total. I don't understand why people are so excited about this feature.
ya I know that questions will become repetitive. just that they should remove any questions that make it sound like your a rookie and just arrived in F1 past your 1rst season.
it odd and out of place to get those type of questions when you are in your 5th season
and the game still see's you as a rookie.  
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carpa said:
I hope the question as a rookie came up because they simulated, in some way, the entire first season of thhe career just to showcase the rule change
Think you could be right and it could be a problem with the particular build of the game they used to showcase on the livestream. 

...would be a huge oversight if not 
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