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Codemasters blame xbox live


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Yeah maybe consoles are not 100% cheat free,  I know there are PS3 hacks, and j-tagged xboxes.  
Not sure what you can do with a J tag,  or what the hell that is,  but from what ive read, part of the reason the xbox gets a system update, is to kill the xboxes who's firmware doesnt match what it should be.  

Then that xbox wont work on xbox live. Untill the hackers work around it,  but then MS kills their workaround,   Circle of cheats I guess. 

For me to cheat on an xbox, would require some hardware modification, 
To cheat on a pc, just requires the software and the know how.   All the games files are easily available.  

On the console I have no access to the games files. 

@RWBSUPERCHARGER yeah as usual. :smile:     I wondered what happened to steam. 
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I agree that the price of  the new consoles is expensive, 

Maybe thats just the price to pay for Cheat free gaming.  

The kind of cheats im talking about.....go to Youtube and search for a noob called Sethioz.  
There are no weight hacks, speed hacks, or any other kind of hacks, on the Xbox version of Autosport.  

But the PC......thats a whole different sink hole. 

just looked @Sethioz on yt thanks funny watching and I liker he posts on yt hehehe bet cant drive for real :( 1 reason I left Pc for console
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racrguy66 said:
So you race on the PC? (RTAnonskills)  I thought you were saying consoles are better and far less cheaters? Do you game on the PC and the XBOX as well? And if so, is it not better to play on the PC, just not in open playlists? I am considering switching to the PC instead of going next gen systems. But if cheating is so widespread, I would rather just stay with the consoles. Thanks in advance for any insight.
I play mainly on the Xbox 360,  I have a PC that can run Autosport in much higher detail than the xbox can,  but still no where near good enough graphics card to run in Ultra high.  

PC has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy  better graphics.  

When it comes to racing, its the same on the PC as the xbox.  Ive never seen anyone I could say for certain, is cheating when playing in @RWBSUPERCHARGERS PC lobby.  Only one suspect, but that was probably just crappy connection.   They finished half a lap ahead of everyone, but only had a lap time 2 tenths faster than mine.  Only 0.8sec faster than the slowest lap.

So its like charger says above somewhere, if you get in a good custom lobby with decent non cheating racers, its alot of fun.  But same can be said for the consoles too. 

I would say, dont let cheaters put you off from playing on PC, but you WILL encounter it.   I will NEVER play any FPS on the PC again.   Too many of aimbots and wall hacks etc.  Atleast there was when I was playin COD 4 on the PC. 

PC can handle more people online in games too.  Ive not tried an Xbox one, im not interested in PS3/4, as I hate the controller and dont care much for the useless PSN. 

I reckon gameplay is the same, but it just looks soooo much better on a high spec PC.
The good points and bad points exist on every platform really.
Thats my opinion anyway,  Im told im never wrong so.............................

LOL  :smiley: 

I will add though, from my experience in the past with new game releases on the PC,  software drivers can be an issue.   One game may run perfectly, and another may have issues with your drivers.  So sometimes setting up compatability mode is needed for older games,  or with new games you may need to roll back to older versions if the game has issues with the latest drivers.  

It can be a real pain in the,  Ahem(cough)
But how much of a pain, depends on your level of knowledge in dealing with and conquering such demons.  

Damn you DOOM3!!!!!!!!!!    I got their in the end though......... New Asus motherboard with Intel chipset fixed the problem.  Days of removing parts and trying to get it to be stable, 

LMAO @ VIA chipsets.  :smiley: 
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The teleporting to the finish line & getting a very quick lap time in not neccassarily a cheat, this happened to me once at Chicago in a street race.
I got 28 seconds into a the 2nd lap & was teleported to the start line getting a 28 second lap, also after this happened the car carried on driving, out of my control, at a steady 22 mph till the race finished.
I think a similar thing happened to another player a few days later when an impossible time was set & after that the car was very slow for the rest of the race but as the player wasn't on mic I didn't ask if the same thing had happened to them.

Hmmm. Looks like the post I replied to has been removed, it was about cheating for anyone who didn't see it.
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I would take it, A win is a win! :D 

Besides, everyone knows by now that the game is glitchy and it happens to random players. If someone calls you a cheat because of that then they are talking out of their asses and know nothing.  They deserve to be ridiculed for being a  slanderous noob!
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racrguy66 said:
Well I am not computer savy, and like how the PC gets patched so quickly and more often.that said, I never play FPS - only racing and some 3rd person action/survival horror games. I was interested in getting IRacing as I have heard some good things about it. But cant stand to play with cheaters or rammers. So I guess it is really a matter of if I want to invest some time getting computer literate or not. PS4 is what I will likely do. Thanks for the advice. 
I promise you, the population of people cheating online in GAS, and most racing games in general, is very low. I have only been in the same lobby with a cheater twice, and I've been playing quite a bit. There's a handful of hacked times on the Racenet Challenge leaderboards, but honestly, getting a little "1" text next to my time means nothing, I only care for the Top 1% rewards. The only racing game that I've ever had regular problems with cheating on the PC is Blur, and I'm pretty sure that has more to do with the population being less than 20 per day.
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SASBlink said:
Haha, @RTAnoskills, Do you think he will let me join his team? I could pretend to be pro Russian, :wink:   

Funnily enough it has not happened to me yet, I been waiting for it but no luck..... I want my free win! :'( 

He has changed his Gamertag,  or has a new one.   We caught him sneaking in the lobby, and showed him the exit.  

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I have not played iRacing myself, as I don't have a wheel and I don't want to play that game until I have one. It looks like the perfect fit for a multiplayer sim racer, if that's what you're looking for. The safety rating that's implemented into the game is a really good incentive for clean driving, so I'm sure you wouldn't regret anything except for the hefty price tag. I mean, there's also rFactor & rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa, so on and so forth. There's also Richard Burns Rally, and though I've heard of multiplayer being modded into that game, I have no clue of how it works. RBR, to date, is probably the pinnacle of rally sims, so if you've got a taste for that, you'll really enjoy it. Just giving you a couple of different options should you choose to look toward PCs.
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So, did u stay in the lobby and take the win with your 28 second lap? 

If that ever happens to me, I will retire, and leave the lobby.  Not a chance I'm taking some glitched win, even if I have done nothing to influence it. 

That's how people get the name of cheat. 
I didn't get the win, I got lapped twice in fact :o
This happened on the 2nd lap of 4, & as I said after the teleport the car carried on under the control of the game, like an AI, but at the stately speed of exactly 22 mph.
I told the others in the lobby what was happening, several of whom I had raced with many times before, so I carried on in the race to see what happened & got a DNF as it timed out as normal.
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It's ridiculous now. All I want to do is reach lvl 250 and then call it a day for online, but with all these freezes (which results in me going off to play Wreckfest instead because I get so pissed off), that's not going to happen. Lobbies aren't as busy since the latest patch came out either.

...I use the term "patch" loosely here.

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SASBlink said:
Is it working yet? 
yes.    just turn on your pc, start steam,  click play autosport.    

Must you ask on a daily basis? 

Do I need to ask @FanticUA to post a pic of his career mode heroics????????????????????

Have you had the usual off topic from that angry vegetable drink?  
yup him and verlentless has been following me around off-topicing everything i do, a little part of me is doing it to annoy them. (could not care less about someone marking me as off topic) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 

Must i ask on a daily basis? why yes i do lol, I want to play the game but i do not play the game because its frustrating and i do not want that, so i must ask now to see if the patch has come out. :) ofcause on daily basis, yes. Plus Im not going to read though all the rubbish (over 30 notifications from this thread) every day just to find a answer, CBA with that, gives me headaches, the simplest and best way is to ask now. :)
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