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Thank you Codemasters for helping me battle my mental health

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Iwanted to say thank you for Codemasters for helping me with my struggles with my mental health. I’ve been struggling a lot with Aspergers and depression. It was 6 months to this day that I attempted suicide, but the games codemasters have made has really helped me a lot through a very tough time. I want to thank all the staff and the people on here because without you guys, I wouldn’t be here, It would be my dream to meet the staff and thank them all personally and I want to achieve my dream goal of working for them, I owe them so much and I want to make friends on here because it has been a huge struggle to gain self confidence and I have been playing a lot of their F1 games a lot and I would really like to make friends from that community. I didn’t mean to make the message this long sorry, but I owe you my life codemasters, thank you xxx
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