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So I just wanted to note down my experience of F1 2014. Specifically career mode. I'm on Xbox 360 and driving with a pad. I've done two races at 100%. Only assist I use is the racing line on corners only. 

Specifically I just wanted to note my race in Malaysia. I'm driving a McLaren and since I haven't played since 2011 I wasn't sure on difficulty and so gone with professional. I will change as you will see why soon. 

So I done practise. Started off wet and then it dried. I set the car up and then scrapped it for the dry. Qualy and the race were dry. I qualified third pretty much on the edge nothing more I could do with that. Hamilton was first and Rosberg second. 

Race starts and I take Rosberg off the line but have to settle behind Hamilton. I then manage on lap two to take him at T4 and push off into the lead. Hamilton is so slow Rosberg takes him and is second some 10 second back. 

That it stays through the first stint and I switch to lean to save fuel. As we all pit, me and Rosberg take options and Hamilton primes. At this point Hamilton is 30 second back. Slowly through the second stint Rosberg pulls the gap back and takes me in the next stop. We then battle for 10 laps interchanging positions between first and second before finally I come out on top. After using the second DRS to get back past Rosberg who took me on the first DRS. With me now first, Rosberg has to save fuel. He drifts to 5 seconds behind. As Hamilton then stops for options for the final stint he is pushing like crazy. That 30 second gap is reduced lap by lap until 2 laps to go. At that point Rosberg is taken by Hamilton. He then comes after me but I manage to hold out and win by 6 tenths.

I had to manage the fuel mix too in all this. Lean at the beginning and switching to standard for a long time. I tried rich as Rosberg was overtaking me but I had too much wheel spin and lost time. It cost me tyre grip as Rosberg caught and overtook me. Finally I was able to use rich in the last two laps without major wheel spin to keep Hamilton at bay. 

It was a race you had to always think. AI was intelligent to go with different strategies. It worked for Hamilton. I think I had a bit more life in my tyres in the first stint. The second I was struggling after pushing to keep in front of Rosberg  

All in all a really good experience.   

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