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Any tips on how to preserve tires?

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Try this as a general setup and tweak it depending on the circuit. I've put it in another thread but no harm in putting it here too:
Aero: 8/7
Brakes: 50/50/High
Balance: 4/4
Suspension: 3/3/5/4
Default Alignment.

Ease the throttle in corners, short shift to get traction. (For example go to gear 5 for the final corner at Melbourne) and take smoother and wider corner entries. Use standard or lean fuel mix more than you do rich. (Don't feel the need to finish the race on optimal fuel, it's not always fastest to drive on edge the whole race).
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Watch your steering Wheel angle of The Front wheels at corner Exit and entry. Front wheels create more Friction when Turned. German Rallye legend Walter Roehrl once said
"Imagine your throttle foot and your steering Wheel Are connected with a Thread. And you can only Push the throtttle down when you decrease the angle of the steering Wheel, don't know if that's the  correct Translation
He means make sure to Release the Wheel the more you Accelerate. At corner entry make sure you don't throw the car into the corner, turn in more softly and slightly earlier, will make you slower, but will save tyres. Make sure you drive in an absolute straight line on straights. If your car wobbles tyres produce more friction. Taking too much curbs can hurt the tyres too.
look for some Jenson button onnoard camera videos on youtube. he is said to be a tyre whisperer with a very smooth and soft driving style.
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One simple setup trick is to move the brake bias forwards (say 52% to front). No magic solution, but it is guaranteed to shift a small amount of the wear away from the rears as it's rear wear that's the killer this year.
Think I'll try that for a couple of races at tighter circuits and see if there an improvement, cheers.
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Alon78 said:
I'm using the default pit stop strategy most of the time and I can barely get to the stop with my tires. They are almost red.


You're probably well beyond this level, but I found this technique useful as a first pass in 2013.

Go round the track in time trial mode at your race pace. Then review the video, looking carefully to see whether you leave any rubber on the track at any point. This is an easy way of seeing whether you are accelerating too hard.

I think that tyre preservation is a great challenge in the F1 games. There is massive satisfaction in mastering the tyre wear. It's a real challenge both in the game and in real life f1 racing. 

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