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F1® 2018 – More Than Just A Game | Codemasters Blog

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F1® 2018 – More Than Just A Game | Codemasters Blog

With 15 days to go until F1® 2018, the official videogame of the 2018 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™, is released, it’s time for the third developer diary! Today we’re detailing how F1® 2018’s authentic F1® car handling simulation is the best ever seen in the franchise with Senior Car Handling Designer David Greco. You can watch today’s developer diary below, or over on our YouTube channel here: The third of the four part series reveals that F1® 2018’s car simulation and handling has significantly advanced this year, with revamped suspension and chassis physics, the addition of real world F1® data for unprecedented accuracy, new “tyre carcass” temperature for the first time, as well as manual deployment of the ERS system. The ultimate result of these enhancements is that you’ll be able to experience the pure sensation of the tyres tearing into the track surface, and therefore giving a realistic and relatable feeling of grip, under all wear, compounds and weather conditions.

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