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RaceDriver Grid Windows 10

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Dear Friends,

i own Racedriver Grid on CD and now i have a completely new PC. This is my Setup: AMD Ryzen 7 1800x, 16GB Ram G.skill, PowerColor Radeon RX580 GoldenSample.
All works fine and i got Grid installed without any issue. I also looked up on Forum for getting higher Resolution and all works fine. 

In the menus everythings works but when i want to start a game often i got a blackscreen but can hear the Sound from the game clearly.
When it Comes to a race it also freezes after  3 or 4 seconds. In this case the Picture flickers and i also can hear the sounds from the cars.

i have installed grid from CD and downloaded also the Patch V1.3

i hope somebody will understand my english and will help me to get this fuckin… awesome game run.

Following steps i also tried:

vertical snych on off
Resolution from full hd to 3480xsomethingelse
msmaa from 2x to 8x
doesnt matter what i do.

i think there isn issue on the game on itself but i am not the expert this way.


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Is there really nobody who cvan help me?

Ive installed the game 3 times again and still the same issue. i am driving and after 2 minutes the Buildings didnt get build in the game they flciker and the Picture freezez but the Sound goes on.

i dont know what to do.... please help me

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Game is made for 2 cores, I have same issue with 4 cores ..... There are some ways to mod some files in order to work for octa cpu, but not sure for quad.

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