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F1 2014 Despite all the complaints I've been listening to...!

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...including those which were posted before the game's release by those who are simply Codemaster haters and detractors...I'm finding it completely enjoyable...a breath of fresh air after a year behind the 2013 models I've been racing!  Almost everything looks sharper and feels tighter.  No road sloppiness even before I began making adjustments and tweaking.  And were I to pick out just one problematic area, it would have to be the sound design and production.

     Although good enough to help the thrill of a 222+ mph blurry ride through the streets of Monico leave a lasting impression on one's mind, it really doesn't sound at all like the new turno engines do every other Sunday on real-lifesize tracks!  And I've noticed moments where the sound of the gears changing can sometimes be rather ubrupt and grinding as if they were still so new that they hadn't yet properly seated themselves!  Luckily I run the sound thru my Onkyo amplifier and equalizer!  That helps even things out perfectly!

     Some  drivers are also going on about Joysticks giving some people advantages that are difficult to make available to everyone, but this too is really nothing more than an excuse by those who just can't master these other types of control.  Hell, I can't use a wheel myself!

     The point is, that F1 2014 is indeed better than it's earlier version.  And as such it deserves our attention.  I know as well as anyone that it is sometimes hard to rationalize spending money when what gains you will make are not as obvious as usual, but most of the time it really is worth the effort!   


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     I did hit 226 as I came out of the tunnel once but I then had to learn how to swim!  But actually I wrote that wrong and didn't realize that I inferred I hit that speed at Monaco!  I was speaking in general just as an example!
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I'm quite enjoying F1 2014, but I didn't pay full price for it (a cheap steam key if you know where to look, was my option). It really isn't worth that. But I hate it when people complain about stuff like handing and things they really don't know anything about. I mean I have no frame of reference, I just know games, I have never driven an F1 car and am not likely to either. People say the cars are a bit less grippy when you power out of corners, yes granted, maybe due to the turbo engines. I find the braking better... yeah sure possibly due to the new brake-by-wire systems, I don't know. I like how I'm not forced to do anything this time, a step in the direction of Grid Motorsport. Simply giving you the option of a test evalution you can skip and getting to choose to race with any team now, effecting your challenge difficulty, is nice at this point in the games cycle.

A bit less polish in this game, sure. Not much of an update, although the new tracks are reasonable and finally that day/night cycle we have wanted.. DRS seems to work in a way I'm unfamiliar with, even when you are not trailing a car but in front, oddly. AND then there's the control pad.... Not used it, but if it is not working as it should feels totally wrong, and giving an advantage over wheel users in competitive play online, it really needs fixing.

So not worth full price, should have been discounted really, but still fun and hopefully a few shortcomings will be fixed. Here's hoping the next gen brings some innovation.

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Hello All,

      Reading all your comments about 222+ speeds makes me very disappointed that I cannot get F1 2014 to start on Steam. I keep on getting Error code 41. I have tried everything support told me as well as others who have the same issue. Does anyone here know what causes this. I am up to date with all the drivers.

My Computer:

Alienware Aurora

32 gigs main memory.

2 AMD 7950 video cards with 3 gig mem each.

Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance.

My email: BGwinet@gmail.com

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