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[PC] Logitech G25 button 1 is perma pause and left bumper even after making custom control scheme


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I am in the menu in my car for career mode. I pause to check the settings are correct, and the issue is in the usability of the forced control set up for the pause screen during in game time. My exact problem is that "pause" and "left bumper" are bound together and can not be separated. I have no option but to "right bumper" in the menu many times to go left. 

Using the Logitech G25 race wheel, "button 1" on the shifter is "left bumper" in the menus to go left in the settings. BUT it is also the defacto "pause" button. Every time you click "button 2", you can go right one page in the menus (between pause menu and preferences for example). When you press "button 1" to go left one page, the "pause" button is also pressed and returns you to game from the menu.

It is not something that causes an issue much, I can press "button 2" and just cycle through the menus 1 page right at a time. But it is becoming very annoying. I am using the same imported control scheme I made for F1 2017, and the issue was not there in that game. Now my muscle memory for "left bumper" and "right bumper" in the menus are engrained in me where I fumble with this.

In F1 2017 it was a non issue, but in F1 2018 I cannot change the "menu control" assigned buttons. When I try to make a button like "navigate up" on to the shifter or the "up arrow" button of my keyboard replace "navigate up", it says - "WARNING you can only map menu controls for devices that have no preset control scheme". So what do I use then, a guitar hero controller? Mouse, keyboard, game controller and steering wheel all have preset control schemes.

My issue with this is, I can not delete the "Start" button from the button mapping for the menu. When I click "left bumper", the menu closes even with a controller. And I can not change them to prevent this from happening. 

Is there a workaround for this? Unbinding all the buttons except Start, and this issue still exists for me. Would like to either learn how to change this, or report to Codemasters for a potential update/fix/patch etc after more important game critical glitches are solved if any.
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