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Newbie- Grid Autosport Query

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Hi Folks
Completely new to the forum scene on here. but hoping to get an answer that will probably shorten my quest!

So here's the story in Balamory....in short!

3 brothers, one in New Zealand, one is Canada and myself in UK. we all have PS3's. We were gaming with one another on Gran Turismo....but Alas, the servers have now shut down. So, in search of another racing game that all 3 of us can be in together.

Would this be possible with Grid Autosport? or is it like Mortal Kombat the servers are not inter linked therefore I couldnt konnect (see what I did there ;) ) to my bro in Canada to fight him! #wasteofmoney!

Cheers in advance.

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OGFedfan said:
I don't think there are any servers in Grid Autosport.  Its a peer to peer connection with one console being the host.  Could be wrong though
Snap :)

@nkasmani1981 you could do this in Autosport by setting up a custom cup and inviting your brothers into the session. You could either lock it so nobody else can join or leave it open for others to join in.
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