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How to avoid/prevent/recover from a save corruption

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It's simple:

Go to your Steam installation folder (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam) and pick out the subfolder "userdata". It will have another subfolder with a number; that is your Steam user ID. Note that if several users are running Steam on your machine, there will be multiple folders there. You need to know which ID is yours.

The Steam AppID for F1 2014 is 226580. Look for the appropriate folder inside your ID folder. So, the path will be something like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<userID>\226580

You will want to back up the 226580 folder completely so you can restore it in case you experience a corrupt savegame. I simply copy the folder and name the copy 226580_b1 (backup 1) after every one session with the game. I make another copy named 226580_b2 (backup 2) after every other session. This ensures that I have two backups so in case the savegame is effed up *on exit* and I happen to make a copy of the *broken* savegame, I will still have a second (obviously older) backup.

Should keep data loss to a minimum. You might want to turn off cloud sync for F1 2014 in the Steam client, but so far it hasn't hindered me from restoring backups.

Oh and one word of warning: NEVER EVER exit F1 and relaunch the game *before* Steam has finished synching the savegame. If you do that you *will* break your savegame right there! (I wonder how many people experience broken savegames because of this.) You HAVE to wait for Steam to finish synching every time you exit F1 (or disable cloud sync).

Hope it helps.
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