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Grid Autosport problem with new nvidia driver 344.48

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Since the new driver was released I have alot of trouble with Autosport. It constantly crash, at start or when i load a race. Sometimes it is working fine for one race but after that it crashed. 
Also done a complete new installtion of the driver and also a new installtion of Grid Autosport (also deleted the savedata from my document folder).
In the windows log i can see that the nvidia driver stoped working and was restored when Grid crash.

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It's not Nvidia drivers, as I have that exact same issue with my Radeon R9 290X's.

The game instantly crashes at boot most times (before any of the intro vids are played) or when I try and get to the race after choosing a car/track. Unlike Nvidia's drivers tho, it seems AMD's one's bring Windows 8 down with it when GRID causes them to stop responding.

All my other games work fine, and the system never crashes otherwise. It never used to crash with GRID neither until that last path that added touch support.

What a total waste of a game - Bugs after bugs, fix one thing, break several more...

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